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Our mission
Make sorting and removal of sorted garbage as
as possible
For a person
For humanity
Sorting and delivering it to a recycling station with Recycle is now as pleasant and comfortable as ordering a taxi or home delivery of food.
The process of sorting and removing garbage should not depend on inefficient state programs, on which taxpayers' money is spent.
Together, we can take care of the future of our planet and forget about landfills. Garbage should be recycled, not accumulated in landfills and poison our planet.
about the team
Recycle launches its pilot project in Ukraine.
The Recycle team is still very small, but creative!
And it seems that we have found a way to make the garbage collection process convenient and affordable. Sorting garbage is fashionable and responsible! And with the Recycle application, it is also very convenient.
Real-time reports
We want you to be sure that all our waste go to recycling centers. That's why we made a live feed of the couriers' reports.
LIVE reports:
How does Recycle work?
Everything is very simple!
Apply in the app or website
Recycle is very simple: write approximately how much garbage you have and add a photo of it.
How much are you willing to pay a courier for garbage removal?
When the courier closest to you will accept the application and take the garbage to the recycling station.
Create a
In the video, we will tell you how to create a request in the app.
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Why do we have to pay for the removal of sorted waste?
In fact, we have long been paying for the removal of garbage that still ends up in general landfills.
However, now we have the opportunity for a much lower price to deliver our products to the factory, where they will be processed, and they will serve again and again.

In the Recycle, you do not pay utilities, but directly to couriers, creating additional jobs in the state.
That is, you do not one good deed at the same time, but many good deeds at once!
Every year, around 300 million tons of plastic are turned into waste around the world - that's about the weight of the entire population of the Earth. Less than a fifth is recycled, a quarter is incinerated, and more than half ends up in landfills.
Interesting fact!
To start sorting garbage now, you need very little - a desire to save our environment and the Recycle!

Join us now. Preservation of the surrounding environment is worth at least trying!
For whom?
For private individuals
For companies
Sort, call, submit!
With the Recycle, it is very easy to get rid of sorted garbage, moreover, you can choose how much this service will cost just for you!
A simple solution for companies and offices!
Recycle couriers also accept large volumes of sorted waste at regular cost! You only need to install the application and complete the application!

P.S. Creation of corporate accounts in development and organizations can create an account on behalf of the office manager and enjoy the services!
Download the application
and take care
of the planet
Join us
Are you interested in competitive pay, flexible schedule and complete independence? Clean the planet with us!
Becoming a courier is very easy!
Download the application and register as a courier. No need to visit offices and sign contracts. All you need is a smartphone to get started!
Work with request for

In the video we describe the process of the courier’s work inside and outside the application
The user creates an application for the removal of sorted garbage with a detailed description and photo.
Next, the user assigns a reward to the courier and waits for his application to be accepted.

The registered courier accepts the application, contacts the user in the chat and picks up the garbage, after which he takes it to the garbage processing station.
we cover
We are working on the opening in other cities of Ukraine

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Waste weight
Glass, metal or paper
Please indicate the exact weight in kilograms
The cost of your waste
Waste cost calculator
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Calculate the cost
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We are always looking for real talent!
The work of the Recycle courier, the removal of sorted garbage according to applications.
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Download the app and take care of the planet
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